District 18 –  Western Washington Area 72 AA.
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Our district covers Renton, Tukwila, and Kent ( except for East Kent).
Here you will find meeting schedules, A.A. related events.

District 18 committee positions filled:
Beth W. – DCM
Andrew H – Alt DCM
Karlie – Secretary
Sean – Treasurer
Maria Treatment
Chris – Grapevine & Literature
Shaun – Web
Ali – Intergroup
Karen – Events
Dawna – Archives
Devin – Young People

Positions still open:

Third Legacy: Offers the fellowship information on the traditions, concepts, and structure of A.A. service through workshops and presentations.

Corrections: Corrections work consists of any project reaching out to the alcoholic who is in prison, jail, or other correctional facility. This work may include running or coordinating meetings in facilities, writing alcoholics in prison, or helping the A.A. member in prison to get to a meeting after release (Bridging).

Accessibility: Helps to identify and diminish or eliminate any barriers that prevent anyone from full participation in any aspect of A.A. in the District. Provides information, using literature, presentations, panels, and other means, to help members and Groups recognize the assortment of Accessibility obstacles, and understand the methods used to mitigate or eliminate those obstacles. Helps to arrange and coordinate Accessibility accommodations

Public Information: Primarily educational in scope. PI work includes speaking at, and training other members to speak at, non-A.A. meetings, developing and distributing public service announcements, appearing at schools, health fairs, and other non-A.A. events, and working with the media to explain our tradition regarding anonymity.

Cooperation with the Professional Community: Primarily educational in scope, CPC work seeks to explain what A.A. is and what it is not to professionals, treatment center workers, lawyers, police, judges, teachers, clergy, cooperative assistance programs, business managers, and union leaders.



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